What is Dorkaid?

Our tutors at Dorkaid  Our tutors are university students, who have achieved an A* grade GCSE, in any subject they wish to tutor in. We provide tutors for GCSE and A-Level students, although younger students can be accommodated. All Dorkaid tutors are currently studying at one of the countries top 5 universities. By booking through Dorkaid, all tutors are covered by necessary insurances.

Our aim  At Dorkaid, we look to bridge the gap between tutor and tutee as recent experience and a minimal age difference allows a relationship to form. Offering an insight in to the methods of success used by the countries most elite students.

Benefits of Dorkaid  All of our tutors have excelled in the same exams, within the last 5 years, and as a result, are expertly equipped to share their experience and knowledge of exam and revision techniques. By offering exam, revision and coursework support, this allows our customers to approach the process in the most efficient manner possible. We hope that this innovative type of tutor-tutee relationship will be more relatable, and therefore allow optimal communication required for academic success. And all that aside, it is cheaper than the conventional private tutor session.

Convenience of Dorkaid – These innovative coaching sessions are completed via Skype and are therefore available anywhere within the UK, allowing all customers to access the most elite university student tutors.

Cheaper than a normal private tutor session!