Dorkaid Access To Education Scheme

“Dorkaid student tutors” was founded by two University graduates and the idea was a bi product of their own experiences within the British education system. Having done GCSE’s and A Levels themselves and then realized the lack of meaningful work opportunity available during their time studying for their degree, they realized that there was a niche in the market that could be filled.

“Dorkaid student tutors” hones in on the idea that elite university students are best placed to offer support to younger students, on the basis that they have excelled in the same exams themselves within the last 5 years. This business idea was further reinforced by the fact that the system would prove beneficial to all parties involved. Firstly, the younger students could gain access to cheaper, more flexible and more relative exam tutoring, at a very competitive rate. Secondly, Dorkaid were able to offer part time, flexible, well paid and meaningful work opportunity to current top level university students and therefore utilize a somewhat untapped labour force to their full potential, whilst they study.

The core focus is the student and making sure that all of the successful techniques can be shared amongst the students, who are at different stages of the education process. Ultimately, beneficial relationships can be formed.

We have a passion for this concept and feel that this type of support is sorely missing from the education system in the UK. We also feel that everyone deserves the right to a fair education, so our idea behind the Dorkaid access to education scheme is to give something back to the community. We are in contact with a number of charities who offer support to underprivileged children. We plan to partner up with these charities and offer the children our service at a significantly reduced rate and ultimately increasing the access to our service. Offering everyone the chance to succeed in education, regardless of background, is what we strive to achieve.

A partnership with Dorkaid will benefit the charity itself and the children involved greatly as these children will be able to gain free access to the countries brightest University students as academic mentors. Our tutors will not only help the child academically but will be able to build up a personal relationship with the child, creating a relaxed and comfortable studying environment.


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