Grades drop to lowest level in almost a decade, time to look for answers elsewhere?

Yesterday’s GCSE results made recent history. Studies show the percentage of pupils achieving a C grade or above has fallen to 66.9 percent, the lowest in eight years. Results have fallen across the board with the pupils achieving the top marks (grade A or above) also falling dramatically, the lowest since 2007.

Not only have the shock results upset students and parents but they have also sparked uproar amongst teachers and teaching unions who blame the UK government for the poor results, particularly in Math’s and English. Government reform saw that all GCSE students achieved at least a grade C in the core subjects and if they were not able to obtain a C grade then they must retake the GCSE qualification until they do. The aim was to boost the number of students reaching adulthood with basic numeracy and literacy skills. Teachers are indicating that the reform is in direct correlation with the falling of these years’ grades. This over emphasis on Math’s and English means that other subjects are somewhat neglected.

Naturally this leads to thoughts of looking elsewhere to find the extra support that students need to achieve satisfactory results in their GCSE’s. Over recent years there has been a rise in the number of people turning to private tutors as a private tutor allows the student to have access to intensive learning without the distractions they would otherwise encounter at school. This one-on-one learning means that all the focus of the teacher is on them, allowing for a greater understanding when it comes to learning new topics/modules. This way of learning certainly gives the student that extra knowledge and confidence, which could be the difference between achieving that C grade in the core subjects and having to re sit a year later when the workload is only going to be greater.

So how about it, an online tutor may be the answer you are looking for?

Here at Dorkaid our focus is the student. We look to bridge the gap between tutor and tutee as recent experience and a minimal age difference allows for a rapport to be built. We place a huge emphasis on this, as we believe a good working relationship is key to success. All of Dorkaid’s student tutors have only ever achieved an A*-A grade in any subject that they choose to tutor in. Our tutors are therefore best placed to share their own experience and knowledge of exam and revision techniques. We feel this fresh approach to tutoring is the answer to achieving the best grades possible. This belief has been backed up by several case studies.

None more so than Thomas- who as 15-year-old boy sat his GCSE’s this year. Thomas came to Dorkaid looking for extra help in a number of subjects that he didn’t feel too comfortable with at school. We were able to pair Thomas with one of our elite student tutors, they quickly built a relationship and Jake (the tutor) was able to instill the confidence in Thomas, which hadn’t previously been there. Their continued work together paid off for Thomas as he managed to achieve an A* grade in Geography, a subject in which he was predicted a C grade. This fantastic result is testament to both Thomas and Jake’s hard work. Here is what Thomas had to say…

“Dear Jake,

I’m sure you have already heard from my mother about my GCSE results. But I wanted to thank you personally for the help you gave me, as I feel the past paper practices we did made a real impact on my results. I went from predicted B and C grades to A and A*s in humanities, and I doubt that it would’ve happened without your help. Also, thanks for your help with sciences where I got A*s except for the A in Physics, but I don’t hold you responsible for that 🙂

With my sincere appreciation, many thanks.



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Grades drop to lowest level in almost a decade, time to look for answers elsewhere?

Yesterday’s GCSE results made recent history. Studies show the... [Read more]