Tips For writing A Good Essay

Understandably, essays can seem a very daunting prospect but this does not have to be the case. An essay is an intellectual exercise that gives you the chance to showcase your ideas and arguments and this article will discuss a number of top tips for writing, which will help you stand out from the rest and ease the familiar pressure.

‘Failing to prepare, preparing to fail’:

A quote that comes to mind when talking about essay writing as even the most intelligent can struggle if they fail to properly prepare their essay. Whether you are approaching a full dissertation or an essay style question in an exam, a plan will give you direction and guidance throughout the essay, whilst allowing you to properly structure your time and effort and complete the task in manageable chunks. It is an opportunity to collect your thoughts and brainstorm any ideas on the topic that you have, whilst giving yourself a solid foundation to expand upon.

Another tip is to read other people’s essays, as they are ultimately not just marked on the content but also the overall writing style. These stylistic qualities can be picked up by reading other bodies of text, allowing you to take on board some of these techniques and develop your own style. It is also important to not just focus on reading essays similar to the one you are writing about as studying a wider variety of topics will expose you to a wider variety of writing techniques and give you more opportunity to develop your own style.

This next one may seem like the most obvious tip of them all, but believe me, it is the most important and quite often not given enough attention – Answer the question! Many students struggle with this and find themselves going off topic and consequently not addressing the essay question. Planning and preparing your response does help with this but it is vital that your planning constantly refers back to the topic in question; constantly addressing the overall thesis and these references will ultimately score you marks. Also, take time to read over the question and get a full understanding of what it is the examiner is asking from you. During your writing, make sure you refer back to the question throughout the essay as this will highlight to the examiner that you are organized and aware of the topics you are covering. This is a simple but extremely effective tip that everyone writing an essays should use.

Writing a good introduction will set you up nicely and make a good first impression, making the examiner want to read on. Introductions should be short and concise, outline the topic in discussion and summarize the main points that will be raised in the body of the essay, giving you items to refer back to throughout. It is important to grab the reader’s attention but not bore them before they have even started reading the essay!

Now on to the meat of your essay; the argument! This is where you really get to show off. Using all the research you have gathered, create a balanced argument both for and against, providing the reader with a good overview of the subject. Remember, always refer back to the question, this way you can guarantee you wont go off topic and lose unnecessary marks.

Decision time! In the conclusion you should weigh up both sides of the argument and decide which are the strongest points. Try not to repeat previous points in the conclusion. A new point is highly recommended in order to keep the examiner interested.

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